Ad Astra Per Aspera

Ad Astra Per Aspera- (Latin phrase) Through hardships to the stars. 

This phrase describes my life and what I want it to be. This phrase has been achieved by some of my biggest inspirations in my life such as my mom and blogger, Kelle Hampton.  I’m no eloquent speaker and I don’t write award winning essays. I may not even have anything worthwhile to say to the world but here I am making a blog. I hope maybe sometime down the road I can look back and say that something great came out of starting this and that I inspired people like Kelle, but for now I’m just gonna write about whatever I feel needs to be shared.Image


About Ad Astra Per Aspera

I love music. I play violin and guitar. My style changes almost as much as my mind.

One response to “Ad Astra Per Aspera

  1. The Mother

    I never knew I inspired you………nice!

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