Are polos in or out or does it even matter? Me and my friend Katherine had a long and deep discussion about the “has-been” wardrobe staple: the polo. You can wear a polo so many different ways so why should it go out of style? I think a lot of people hate polos because they had to wear them everyday as school as part of their uniform.. Luckily I never had a uniform in school so, I will continue to wear my RL polos till the end of time (I have every color in the rainbow) and you can call the fashion police if you have a problem with it!

My cookout outfit


About Ad Astra Per Aspera

I love music. I play violin and guitar. My style changes almost as much as my mind.

One response to “Polos?

  1. The Mother

    I think you could totally bring the “Polo” back and make them popular again! You need a purple one.

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