Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing, awesome, and beautiful mother. You’re my best friend and my greatest inspiration in life. I hope to someday grow up and share the love that you and your friends share! You are the bravest and toughest person I know. Half the things you overcome I could never do, and you overcome everything with GRACE. You never get so angry you throw cups through windows… (that’s me) and you never scream obscenities (at least not around me..) I envy your creativity everyday. Anyone who can turn a ten dollar good will find into something you see in housekeeping magazines is truly amazing! Although I sometimes question your odd choice of television (documentaries on schizophrenia, Sister Wives, Little People Big World) I enjoy our our of tv we share together every night.. I love that we can act like two best friends together and text under the dinner table about people sitting around us and sit around downtown, people watching and can give each other a look that says: “What is she wearing?”. I love all the time we spend together and all the talks we have but, most of all I love you!



About Ad Astra Per Aspera

I love music. I play violin and guitar. My style changes almost as much as my mind.

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