I cried.

I cried tonight. That’s right I cried. I cried while sitting first chair at an orchestra concert where everyone could see me. I realized tonight that an era and a period of my life has come to an end… No, I’m not graduating this year but things are changing drastically. The most influential teacher (yes I know I complain about her 24/7..) is leaving Eastside. Before I had her as an orchestra teacher I never wanted to go anywhere with music. Music was just an extra. It was just something fun to do on the side. She has inspired to thrive to go the furthest I can with violin. I can honestly say that I would probably have never wanted a career in music without her. God put’s people in people’s life for a reason and Gigi was there to direct me towards the music. On another sad note, one of my best friends is graduating and it hit me when she was called up to be recognized with the rest of the graduating seniors.. This girl although a bit crazy, has been one of the only constant friends I’ve had while at Eastside. No matter how things have happened she has never left my side and never failed to brighten my day. I’m proud to say that I’ve rocked out to country music with her, stalked hot guys, with her and gotten into all sorts of shenanigans with her throughout High School and I’m going to miss her so much! I love you so much KK. You’re one of my life long best friends!

My KK!


About Ad Astra Per Aspera

I love music. I play violin and guitar. My style changes almost as much as my mind.

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